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Location: Washington, DC
Timing: You should be ready to start by mid-June of 2017. The position is open as long as the posting remains visible here.
About Upturn

Upturn works to give people a meaningful voice in how digital technology shapes their lives. We break down barriers and build networks of trust and collaboration between policymakers, technology-builders, and communities, so society can maximize the benefits and avoid the risks of new technology. We produce clear, incisive research and analysis of emerging issues in technology and public policy that guides the public conversation.

We believe technology should promote the dignity and well-being of all people. We believe that new technologies and uses of data can bring greater opportunity and fairness for everyone — and we know that this won’t happen by default. Patterns of bias and injustice remain pervasive in society. When these patterns are echoed by our technologies, rights are threatened and opportunities for progress are missed. Law and policy must continually be adapted as technologies change, so that core rights are always protected.

Upturn works in partnership with many of the nation’s leading civil rights and public interest organizations. We have operated since 2011 as a public interest focused consulting firm, and are currently preparing to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We anticipate that we will be a non-profit by mid-2017.

Selected recent projects include:

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We are looking for a new Policy Analyst to join and support our team. Salary will be competitive, and we will provide you with health insurance and other benefits.


You must have a bachelor's degree and previous work experience. You'll succeed at Upturn if you are:

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